What are Mink Lashes?

The most commonly found false lashes on the market are fashioned from synthetic materials, usually from acrylic fibbers. That's what gives them their unnatural look, as they are much thicker than normal human eyelashes, especially their ends.

This makes them heavier and less comfortable for most women and it also gives them a bad track record of irritating the eyes. Make-up experts don't recommend them to be worn for longer periods of time if budget limitations force you to buy them.

On the other hand, mink eyelashes, when compared to the synthetic ones, are considered to be of a much higher quality, even the best false eyelashes in the world, by most experts. Animal activists can rest easy, as the mink hairs are collected after their furs are gently brushed, turning it into a very relaxing experience for the animals.

Afterwards, the hairs are sterilized, so they don't trigger any allergic reactions. It should be noted that there are no other chemical processes or dyes involved in the making of the final product, which simply put, feels and looks amazing. Because of this, mink eyelashes are extremely soft and lightweight, with a natural dark brown shine and a delicate curl that sets them apart from the rest.

The only advantage the synthetic lashes have over the ones made out of mink hair is that they are cheaper, usually around $10, but this comes at a much higher cost, as most of them can only be worn once, twice or at most three times, if you're lucky. The premium mink lashes, although a bit more expensive, are known to last up to 25 wears, when they are properly looked after. This alone justifies the higher cost, and when thinking in the long run, they are obviously the smarter choice.

The best tip on how to make them last longer is to never apply mascara on the mink eyelashes, as that can deteriorate the quality and shine of the fur due to their oil content. Still, it's permitted to apply it over your natural lashes before wearing the mink lashes. Other than that, make sure you always store them in the tray they came in to prevent the lashes from collecting dust when you are not wearing them.

Due to the fact they are made of natural mink fur, they can be easily curled, just like your own lashes and that curl stays on for extended periods of time. If you refrain from applying mascara over them, they will become much healthier over time. That only works on the condition the false lashes are applied according to the specifications of the maker and you use an adhesive recommended by them, so make sure to follow instructions.

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