Different Ways To Do Hair

There are so many ways to do hair styles which enhance our overall personality. It is really an important thing because besides having a good face, beautifully and neatly done hair do completes the basic definition of a good appearance and adds to one’s confidence. That’s why in this article we are going to discuss different ways to do hair, so that you can learn about them and apply these on your hair to look great.

Hair style is more of a expression of one’s own personality and it is one of the first things people notice about you. It is common and most of us get stuck in a rut and wear the same hair do each day. If you are also one among them who are bored of your hair style and want to try something new and happening, we present you some of the trendy types of ways to do hair. These can help you to be more creative with your personal style.

Up Hair Do

Up hair do are among the simplest ways to do hair. In this, you need to make a very simple up do of hair. You can add more style and look sleek by adding volume to your hair. To follow these types of ways to do hair just bend over and flip your hair upside down before starting. This is done to provide your hair bounce and to create a sleeker surface on top. The next step is to create a loose and low twist which needs to be pinned up so that hair does remains intact for longer time. The hair style done in this manner looks very modern, sassy and chic.


Among the all time favorite and easy to do types of ways to do hair are ponytails. In order to have a chic and stylish ponytail, the right positioning of hair is very important. Wear your pony tail very low or very high on your head. A ponytail is a hair do in which all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and tied at the back of the head with a rubber band and allowed to hang freely from that point. A ponytail that's right in the middle is what gives this style a boring look. You can add volume to your ponytail by flipping bangs back and pinning them in front of the ponytail holder. You can also use a little hairspray to prevent flyaway otherwise let them fly and enjoy your look of a young carefree girl depending upon your mood.

Long and Luscious

The ways to do hair which are long and luscious, you need to wash your hair at night and sleep with it in braids. Take the braids out the next morning and run your fingers through your hair. This will result in beautiful waves and that too without damaging your hair with the heat required to curl the hair. You can enhance this hair do to a further extant by spraying your hair with a curl enhancing lotion before braiding.

Half and Half

Half and half types of ways to do hair involve pinning the top of your hair back and leaving the bottom loose. Create a pretty in between style by parting your hair and taking a section from each side of your part and twist backward. Pin each twisted section at the sides. This hair style will give you a feminine look, and is very chic for all seasons.