About Hair Braiding

Several people spruce their hair by brushing, combing or by getting a cut or trimming. And some of them prefer hair braiding. Braiding your hair is just another variety or method of hair grooming. Braiding hair is the art of innovatively designing the hair by intertwining them into a pattern which offers the wearer with assorted options such as easy maintenance, beauty, style, length, volume etc. Braiding your hair or hair braiding is not a new trend. The word Braid is defined as an intricate pattern formed by intertwining three or more strands. A braid can be created by any elastic material such as fibers, wire, thread, or hair.

Braiding hair has come a long way. The trend of hair braiding was started in Africa and became more creative while on its way to other countries like America. The market for braids has developed quickly with global recognition, changes and expansion and with celebrities in movies, sports and music now wearing braids for beauty purposes. These stars vary from Beyonce, David Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Sean Paul, Rio Ferdinand, Lemar etc.

Whatever may be the reason for choosing hair braiding – it adds splendor, style, change of color, add volume, add length etc, to your personality. This trend has been further modernized by addition of flair and fun to braids. The braids have been blended with the innovative designs from America to the customary designs of Africa to create Modern Hair Braiding.

Tight or regular braiding may cause stress on the hair roots and may cause traction alopecia. Rubber bands having metal clasps or tight clips that bend the hair shaft at extreme angles can also cause the same effect. Braiding your hair combined with multiple pony tails is very famous among party going women. Numerous pony tails can be easily made on a recently washed hair or seasoned hair. Avoid ripping or breaking the hair while brushing.

For example, hair strained in a trend other than its natural growth pattern (hair types come out of the hair follicle in specific patterns for curly, body, straight; and also, hair grows in a manner about the head so that it drapes or forms the way it does for humans). If the hair are pinned very tightly, or the whole Updos slither causing drag on the hair in the follicle at the hair root are other scenarios that may lead to exasperation to the hair follicle and outcome is headaches.

With a little work, practice and above given facts about braiding hair, you can become an expert if you like to do hair braiding on your own.