Methods For Drying Hair

Drying hair with hair dryer speeds up the process of drying by passing hot air. The air which helps in drying hair is usually heated, over the wet hair shaft, speeding the rate of water evaporation. Surplus heat may excessively dry the hair, increasing the occurrence of splitting or other hair damage. Hair dryer diffusers are used to diffuse the stream of air flow so it is weaker but covers a larger area of the hair.

Hair dryers are also used as a tool to carve the hair to a very minor extent. Frequent blow drying hair can slowly train their follicles towards the preferred direction. Proper procedure involves placing the dryer such that the air does not gust onto the face or scalp, which may cause burns. Generally air drying is favored for short or curly or inexpensive hair styles. And air drying is preferred for long hair for the fact that it will not subject hair to excessive heat. Thus the hair is not being prone to damage when compared to hair drying with a dryer.

The hair is at its least strength when it is wet after shower. This fact should be kept in mind while air dry your hair. It is advised to never rub a towel for drying your hair. The friction produced between the hair and towel due to rubbing will make the hair weak and may ultimately lead it to break. It is healthier to only blot the water out of your hair with a towel. Do not pull or tug hair frequently while your hair is still wet. Once the water is removed, it is wise to fluff it out with use of your fingers.

Blow drying is found to be the most widespread form of hair drying for most of the people as a mainstream of them lives a fast moving life and it is the easiest way for drying hair. Drying your hair with a dryer has an added advantage that it brings more volume to your hair. But if blow drying is overly done, then it may damage your hair. It will make your hair grow very weak.

On no account blow dry your hair if it is waterlogged. First, it is required to blot water out of the hair with the help of a towel. Don’t ever keep the dryer very close to the hair. It is advised to be held at a distance of half feet from hair and keep on moving the dryer from one part of the hair to other. Avoid drying hair excessively on the tips. Do not blow dry your hair completely. Stop the hair dryer when the hair is still a little bit soggy.

By following the above given tips for drying hair, you can definitely grow your hair healthy and long. And it will open various options of hair styles to get different looks with the change of time.