A Guide to Trendy and Punk Hairstyles for Teens

Hairstyles play an integral part in the personality of an individual. They are an outward expression of one’s lifestyle. Punk hairstyles, solely adopted from the punk subculture are becoming very common with today’s teenagers. There is an array of eccentric styles in the punk trend. Punk hairstyles are idyllic for teens who love making their presence felt in the society. The different types of punk hairstyles are determined by three main aspects: color, cut and style.


Color is an important element that determines the kind of punk hairstyle one wants. Every single one of punk hairstyles will either have minimal hair colors or a combination of these colors. These colors are usually vibrant and bright in a manner that tends to grab the attention of people in the streets as you walk. The most widely used colors for punk hairstyles are: orange, blue, green, and purple, pink just to mention a few. Generally, these colors are part of the neon shade and thus very attractive. Color plays a key role in terms of hairstyle as it can either be applied to just a section or the entire hairstyle that you have opted to go for. Either way a punk hairstyle will still look good on you. Punk hairstylists focus on strands or the tips of strands. Additionally, they can also focus on particular hair sections like the crown or the bangs.


The type of cut you get is another vital aspect when it comes to punk hairstyles. There are myriads of cuts widespread in the punk hairstyle. If you are considering getting a haircut, you might want to try going the punk way. A shaggy cut is the most prevalent cut. In this cut, the lower half of the head has a buzz cut while the top has a long hirsute look. The irregular asymmetrical cut is another ideal example of a punk haircut. It consists of one side of the head with short hair while the other side has really long hair. These cuts are very common with teenagers.


There are tons of styles to choose from for teenagers who delight in punk hairstyles. Today, Mohawk is the most common punk hairstyle. This hairstyle also known as Mohican, got its name from the Mohawk nation located in North America. Basically, this is a style in which both sides of the head get shaven then the centre has a strip of long hair. At the outset, the hair on the sides used to be plucked out and not shaven. Another closely related hairstyle to Mohawk is the fly away style. Simply put, hair strands are left loose allowing the hair to be free. The fly away punk hairstyle is loved by lots of rock stars.

Punk hairstyles are perfect for teens who like trying out unusual hairstyles. Lots of teenagers who move to states in United Kingdom adopt punk hairstyles so as to fit in amongst their friends. Residing in UK nations is pretty easy with the introduction of policies such as the ehic card that covers one’s medical expenses in the new country you reside in.