List Of Hairstyling Tools

In today’s world you can easily get confused while choosing hairstyling tools because of the availability of dozens of different tools and appliances in the market for hairstyling. What do you need? Will that work on your hair? What is its functionality? Learn more about the tools for hairstyling, which is the main focus of this page.

There are sheer number of tools designed to help you curl, crimp, smooth and straighten or carve your hair in any desired pattern. Here is the list of some basic tools available, what they're best used for and some instructions on how to use them:

Combs and Brushes: These are the most essential and primary tools considered in hairstyling. There are wide-toothed combs designed for detangling and smoothening out towel-dried hair. Then there are smaller-toothed combs used for smoothing and finalizing short or straight hairstyles. And there are more varieties available in brushes: A Vented Brush, which has several rows of tines (widely-set) along a base with air holes or openings to let air circulate easily.

Round or Curved Brushes have rows of tines on an encompassing or curved base and are intended for use in blow-dry styling to include soft curves to the styles. Paddle Brushes have rows of tines on a flat base and are used for blow-dry straightened styles. Bristled Brushes have synthetic bristles and are used for finishing and smoothing a style, or for spreading natural hair oils. And now, the other standard hairstyle tools are:

Blow Dryer: these hand-held hair dryers are becoming a staple in hair care. This hair styling tool makes use of a directed streams of hot air for quickly drying the hair. A good blow- dryer comprises of a concentrator and a diffuser attachment. The concentrator attachment for further narrowing the air stream and the diffuser attachment is for softening the stream of air and distribute the hot air for a gentler flow. The diffuser is mostly used to dry curly hair without straightening the curl.

Hot Rollers: These convenient tools make use of both heat and/or moisture to alter the curl pattern of dried hair. This hair styling tool operates by wrapping segments of hair around it, and leaving it in place until they cool. After they are cooled, remove the rollers and style your hair as desired.

Curling Iron: It helps in eliminating the frizz in hair while leaving them smooth and silky. These make use of ion reflections for enhancing and revitalizing the hair. Make sure that while buying these hairstyling tools that they get you maximum heat along with temperature control function. Curling irons are available in different sizes from tiny, pencil-thin barrels for tight spirals, to large barrels for big soft curls. Mostly, larger curling iron is required for long hair.

Flat Irons: These hairstyle tools also use heat (and in the case of curling irons, occasionally a little moisture) to modify the curl style of the hair. The major difference is that the curling iron allows you to add curl in particular places (the flat iron allows you to straighten decided sections of the hair). The flat iron is used to give a smooth sleek finish to your hair. The flat irons available vary in widths to give finer control. With flat irons, the better the heating surfaces on the flat iron, the larger the segment that can be straightened will be.