About Hairstyling Products

Hairstyling products besides shampoo and conditioners are various and of diverse range. These can be mousse, gels, lotions, waxes, creams, serums, oils, and sprays are used for changing the texture or pattern of the hair, or to clutch it in place in a specific style. If applied correctly, most styling products will not cause any damage to the hair apart from drying it out; also most of the hair styling products contains alcohol, which can dissolve oils. Many hair products contain chemicals which can cause upsurge, resulting in dreary hair or a change in apparent texture.

These products for hairstyling are described as follows:


It is one of the multipurpose hairstyling products. It come as foam and is used on both wet and dry hair. It has conditioning agents and contains protein to foster and protect the hair. Mousses are available in different strengths, to provide soft to maximum holding power and can be used to lift flat roots or smooth frizz. Mousse is applied to get normal looking body and texture and ideal for fine, flyway hair, as it adds volume and helps in getting rid of static. An extra mousse is used to give lift to root. It is admirable for scrunch drying. Mousse also boosts curls in premed or naturally wavy hair.


Gels are available in varying degrees of viscosity, beginning from a thick jelly to a liquid spray. They are also called sculpting lotions and are used for defined styling. These can be used to lift roots, tame wisps, create tendrils, calm static; heat set and give a specific shape to curls. Wet gels are also used for sculpting styles.

Hair Sprays:

Conventionally, Hair Sprays were used to clasp a style in place, but varying degrees of rigidity are available to suit all needs these days. Hair Sprays are used to keep the hair in place, give definition to curl when scrunching, and steam over rollers when setting. It gives support and long-term power to your hair style. These hairstyling products can be used on all hair types and styles to give volume and control. Hair Sprays are available in different formulations, including light and firm holds.


Serums, glossers, polishes and shine sprays are produced from oils or silicons, which develop shine and softness by formation of a microscopic film on the hair surface. Serums contain substances which smoothes the cuticle, making the tiny scales to lie flat and thus reflect the light and make the hair appear shiny. These products for hairstyling are made of natural waxes, such as carnauba, which are softened with other ingredients like mineral oils and lanolin for making them pliable.

Both soft and hard formulations are obtainable. Some pomades comprises of vegetable wax and oil to give gloss and sheen. Other formulations produce foam and are water soluble, and leave no residue. Wax: It is thick, solid grease that is best when used on dry hair. It helps in shaping and defining the hair. It is use to get spikes, points, and a sleek, flat look or simply add extra shape and sheen to waves, curls, bobs and ponytails. Styling wax is one of the hair styling products that helps to manage static and put control back into just washed, flyway hair. It will also help to counteract the after perm 'frizzies'.

Forming cream is an opaque soft wax used as one of the hair styling product. It is used to reclaim flyaway hair and intended for thick or fine straight hair for which normal wax is too heavy.